Early morning walk

Mindfulness #8

Early morning walk
The sun has not yet risen
The silence still reigns

Anthony Nanfito, Haiku Ponderings

Pondering this haiku

I still remember where I was when I wrote the haiku. I was staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in early 2020. The two-story, multi-family home was located in a suburb on the Northern side of the city and I was staying in one of the upstairs rooms rented out to travelers via AirBnB.

While staying there each morning I would wake up early (between 5am and 6am local time) and go for a morning walk. This being my usual wake up time (yes, I’m an early bird) and the coolest part of the day (I was in Malaysia after all) was the optimal time for a walk.

Most mornings it was just I who wondered through the quiet neighborhood (aside from the birds fluttering from tree to tree), just beginning to be lit by the morning sun. One side of the neighborhood brushed up against a highway. When I started my walk the highway was quiet, but when I finished my walk it was buzzing with morning commuters.

During these silent solo walks, before the commuters bustled out of their homes, there’s a certain kind of silence that you don’t hear during other parts of the day. It’s different from the silence of the evening or the midnight hours. It has a peaceful serenity wrapped up in it as well as unlimited potential. This silence screams of all the possibilities the day can bring.

These morning walks were often part of my morning routine which usually involved yoga, meditation, a workout, and—of course—writing. It was in this morning silence where I felt I had the freedom (and the space) for my mind to expand. Expand into new, unexplored realities. Expand into new, unthought of reflections. Expand into old memories.

Sometimes I would bring a small notebook with me to write down ideas, poems, or haiku that came to me during these walks. Other times I would write these down after I returned from my walk—while I enjoyed my breakfast and morning tea.

I have to admit I miss these mornings. I have now moved away from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (sadly, the pandemic cut my trip short) and my current occupation does not allow for such a leisurely start to the day, but I am eternally grateful I had the opportunity to visit and gain new insights about myself and the world. All because I took the time to engage in these morning solo walks of silence.

To this day, walks (especially in nature) are an important part of my creative process and my overall well-being. Each time I go for a walk I do my best to be present and listen carefully. I never know what I might hear from the silence.

A question for you to ponder

What do you hear in silent moments?
What do they teach you about yourself or the world?

Share your answer in the comments below.

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