Happy Read an Ebook Week!

We are fast approaching Read an Ebook Week, a week that encourages readers to pick up the digital device of their choice and download a new book to read. I’m excited to announce that my books, 2149: Emergence and Haiku Ponderings, will be available as part of a promotion on Smashwords to celebrate Read anContinue reading “Happy Read an Ebook Week!”

This part has ended

Thank you so much for joining me for this blog series celebrating National Poetry Month. If you missed any posts or want to read them again, you can do so here.  I also want to say thank you to those who purchased a copy of my book, Haiku Ponderings. It’s much appreciated and I especiallyContinue reading “This part has ended”

A broken down car

Give & Forgive #97 A broken down carA neighbor offers a rideIt takes a village Anthony Nanfito, Haiku Ponderings Pondering This Haiku Over the past 500 years, more and more of us have moved into urban areas as our primary places of residence. In 2016, 53% of the world’s population lived in urban areas. InContinue reading “A broken down car”

Mother Earth gives all

Give & Forgive #93 Mother Earth gives allLand, sea, air—create our homeLet’s give back to her Anthony Nanfito, Haiku Ponderings Pondering This Haiku Happy Earth Day! Today—indeed, every day—is a day to celebrate the amazing gift that Mother Earth has provided for us: life.  Last week I wrote about the amazingness of trees and howContinue reading “Mother Earth gives all”

A silent goodbye

Love & Loss #76 Plastic shields divideRespirators pump and pressA silent goodbye Anthony Nanfito, Haiku Ponderings Pondering This Haiku I originally published this haiku to my Instagram account (haikubyfifi) on January 15, 2021. I shared it in response to a news update I heard via NPR about the rising cases of deaths in the U.S.Continue reading “A silent goodbye”

A couple walks outside

Love & Loss #71 A couple walks outsideA child grows into adulthoodMoments come and go Anthony Nanfito, Haiku Ponderings Pondering This Haiku Human existence is an odd, paradoxical thing: it’s both finite and infinite. It’s composed of a near infinite number of moments that—when put together—create an entire life that is our existence, our essence,Continue reading “A couple walks outside”

The trees respirate

Gratitude #47 The trees respirateBreathing in bad and out goodEarth’s lungs, human’s breath Anthony Nanfito, Haiku Ponderings Pondering This Haiku When you look at a tree what do you see? Do you see the bark? The branches? The leaves? Or do you see a column of carbon, gathered from the air, and stored in theContinue reading “The trees respirate”

The meal on my plate

Gratitude #46 The meal on my plateA lot of hands helped createBody, soul—nourished Anthony Nanfito, Haiku Ponderings Pondering This Haiku I probably not supposed to admit this, but I’m going to anyway: this is one of my favorite haiku I’ve written. It expresses a thought that often crosses my mind when I eat meal. InContinue reading “The meal on my plate”

Spiders in corners

Compassion #27 Spiders in cornersTheir webs collecting insectsTwo helpful roommates Anthony Nanfito, Haiku Ponderings Pondering This Haiku I used to be extremely fearful of spiders. Well, to be honest, I’m not BFFs with them, but I have been able to expand my compassion toward them. You might say I’m less fearful and more cautious admirer.Continue reading “Spiders in corners”