Haiku Ponderings: Now Available in Paperback

I am pleased to announced that my haiku collection, Haiku Ponderings, is now available in paperback via Amazon’s print-on-demand service. The paperback version can be purchased via Amazon.com in the following countries:

The ebook version is also available on Amazon and other retailers including Apple Books, Kobo, and more. Scroll down (or follow this link) to choose your favorite retailer and download your copy today.

As a remember, the ebook version is discounted for $0.99 (USD) for the entire month of April to celebrate National Poetry Month. Happy reading!

Haiku Ponderings

A Haiku Collection for Pondering Life

My haiku poetry collection is available as an ebook on 10+ retailers worldwide!

This collection contains over 100 haiku and 5 mini essays focused on Mindfulness, Gratitude, Compassion, Love & Loss, and Give & Forgive. If you listened to the first season to The Haiku Pond podcast, then some of these haiku will sound familiar. I used the same themes for both the ebook and the podcast. More details here.

Currently available on the following retailers: Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, and more!

NOTE: This ebook is also available for check out in U.S. libraries using apps such as OverDrive and Biblioteca. Ask your local librarian how to sign-up.

Follow the link below to download your copy today!

The Haiku Pond

A place to ponder life through haiku. Through this podcast we’ll explore how haiku can help us live more meaningful lives today; how to stay mindful in a fast-paced and chaotic world, appreciate the simple things, and practice compassion.

Each episode focuses on a theme with haiku submitted by poets of all levels from around the world. Let’s dive into the pond!

Published by Anthony

A creative soul expressing himself thru sci-fi stories, haiku, & podcasts. Podcast 🎙 host of Blinded by Science & The Haiku Pond. Visit my website to explore my creations: anthonynanfito.com.

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