Princes of the Universe

Princes of the Universe: A Space Opera Trilogy

Set 4,000 years in the future from present day, humanity has used technology and genetic engineering to conquer the galaxy. The Royal Colonial Empire is led by King Rhea, the current monarch in a long line of genetically engineered super humans, known as genens, who rule over standard humans, known as dards, and other intelligent species in the galaxy. Her territory spans most of the Milky Way Galaxy, but she has her sights set on conquering the neighboring Calderaan Protectorate.

Her son, Prince Demeter, is frustrated with the current state of political affairs, but his mother, King Rhea, is the longest Empire’s reigning monarch — reigning for over 400 years — and is responsible for the largest expansion of its territory. He wants change, but when his mother is assassinated he and his three siblings are forced to complete the Rite of Ascension — a fight to the death between the heirs to the throne.

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