A Waterfall’s Purpose


Greetings and welcome to The Haiku Pond. A place to ponder life through haiku. My name is Anthony Nanfito and I’m the caretaker of the Pond. 

Each season I share haiku written by myself and others. Each episode features haiku centered around a pre-chosen theme. You can learn more at http://thehaikupond.com

If you’re ready, let’s prepare for our visit. Take a deep breath and dive in.


The theme for this visit is water and will feature haiku written by myself and others.

A Haiku & Reflection from Me 

jungle waterfall

roaring, rushing with purpose

simply as it is

I wrote this haiku earlier this year while sitting next to a creek in the jungle up in the mountains near Chiang Mai. I sat on a large rock with my feet in the creek as the water rushed past me towards a ledge several meters away where it dropped to a lower part of the mountain. 

At the time of writing I was experiencing those pesky (but perfectly normal) emotions unique to human existence. I can’t recall specifically what I was feeling, but I know it was a mixture of inadequacy and purposelessness. Oh the woes of humanness, right? 

As I sat there watching the water flow by me and empty over the edge of the rocks, falling to the lower part of the mountain, it occurred to me that the water simply flows and exists as it is. It doesn’t try to seek some purpose, nor does it stop when it’s obstructed by an obstacle, such as a rock. It finds a path to go around the obstacle. It keeps moving. That’s its nature. That’s its purpose. 

In the end, I realized that as a human being, experiencing this existence, my nature — my purpose — is to simply be and welcome the strange oddities of this existence. To let those pesky human emotions (including the ones related to inadequacy and purposelessness) flow over, around, and through me. 

The nature of this human existence is to not stop them or persuade them to be something they’re not. Instead, we have to just let them be. Because at some point, just like the water moving around the rocks and over the edge, those emotions will also flow by and fall over an edge. Only to be replaced with something else.

Thus, there’s no need to worry about purposelessness or inadequacy. These will flow by just as the water in the creek flows by and over the edge to a lower part of the mountain. In other words, when we live in the present our problems drift away and we get to exist, simply as we are.

This is the lesson I learned from the water. This is the lesson I learned from this haiku. What lessons have you learned from water? Leave a comment on the blog post, the YouTube video, or send an email to thehaikupond [at] gmail (dot) com. Hearing your thoughts makes this more of a conversation and I’d love to hear what lessons you’ve learned from water.

Listener Submitted Haiku

Now, let’s hear from our listeners. Each haiku will be repeated twice so you can fully immerse yourself within it. If you’d like to submit a haiku for a future episode, please visit thehaikupond.com for details. With that out of the way, let’s begin. 

From Nitu Yumnam:

Sitting by the pond

Illusions shocking senses

Lily pads or Pac-Man?!

From Katherine E Winnick:


the purple raindrop


From Vipanjeet Kaur:

overcast sky

rain of solitude floods

my heart again

From Lee Enry Erickson:

a meditation

rain drip-dropping into pond

concentric circles

From Ryan Gibbs:

with skies overcast

cool waters appear gloomy

still I must dive in

From Tracy Davidson:

water pistols

nothing left

to load them

From Jerome Berglund:

step out, extend hand…

not yet

but it’s coming

From Alex Price:

Who is this person

looking back from the water

A ghost of myself

From petro c. k.:

washing away

the dust of ancient stars

tears in my eyes

From Adele Evershed:

old river trail

sound of water always

just round the bend

From Steena Hernandez:

sea salted kisses

dancing on waves of goodbyes

until next time, friend

From Eavonka Ettinger:

a great storm

washed away the smog

breathe deeply

From Louise:

How I notice

in the puddle by the road

a splash of rainbow

From C.X.Turner:

low tide…

left behind


From Sean:

Cold water crashing

Beating punishing the shore

Nature creating

From Bronte Brown:

morning’s blush

slips through

the mizzling mist

From Chittaluri Satyanarayana:

water trough

first come first serve

sparrow and i

From Linda Sacco:

Underwater kiss.

Mermaid dreams keep me awake.

Subconscious yearning.

From Mitja Lovše:

The drops keep filling

the spaces we abandoned –

they used to be graves.

From Susan Andrews:


a rainbow

in my heart

From Kate Henry:

Stream rushes by me,

Carrying hopes and dreams away

To oceans of hope

From Uchechukwu Onyedikam:

the farmer’s prayer —

for the heavens to open

and let her tears freely fall

From Zahra Mughis:

amethyst at dawn

scarlet at dusk

in between blue waters

From Bobbie Isabel:

pitter patter rain

ripples of waves in puddles

life-giving water

From Kanwar Dinesh Singh:

by the end of day

the sanguine mood of the sun

in the lake water

From Ash Evan Lippert:

reflection pond

twilight deepens

in a frog’s throat

Special thanks to all the poets who submitted their haiku for this episode. It’s an honor and a pleasure to read them. Apologies if I mispronounced any names. I try my best and I gratefully appreciate those of you who gave me a pronunciation guide with your submission. 

I’m also excited to see our list of submissions growing. This is due in large part to listeners out there like you. Thank you for sharing and retweeting to spread the word about The Haiku Pond

If you’re listening and you’d like to connect with these wonderful poets and read their poems, visit the show notes linked in the description of this episode or visit thehaikupond.com. There you can find links to connect with them online and read the haiku they submitted for this episode.

Theme for Next Time

The theme for our next visit will be ‘wind’ and your haiku need to be submitted by 11:59pm Bangkok Time (GMT +7) on Friday August 26, 2022. You may submit one haiku for this theme. It can be published or unpublished — as long as you retain the rights to share it. 

To submit your haiku, follow the link in the description, or visit thehaikupond.com and click the red ‘Submit’ button at the top of the page. If you have any trouble, please send an email to thehaikupond (at) gmail [dot] com.

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Thanks for listening. See ya next time! 

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