I step out the door

Compassion #21

I step out the door
The snail is on its commute
Paths cross but no crunch

Anthony Nanfito, Haiku Ponderings

Pondering This Haiku

When I wrote this haiku, I was teaching English at a private Catholic school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As part of my employment I was permitted to stay in the teacher dormitories on campus for free for the first three months of employment.

On the particular morning that I wrote this haiku I was stepping out of my dorm building and heading to the main section of campus. On my way I saw a snail who was walking (er … sliding?) across the path that lay before me.

As we both made our way, I let my imagination wander and wondered to myself what does this snail do for work? Is it heading to work like I am? What was a typical day of work for a snail?

With each step I rode on an imaginary thought train as I pondered the daily lives of snails. Each step took me further from my reality in to the reality of snail’s life—but not so far from my own reality that I wasn’t mindful of where I placed my large, 13-US sized feet. Hence, the line in the haiku about paths crossing, but no crunching.

Before long the snail and I were several meters apart and I was drawn back to my reality as I approached the school’s main campus. My imaginings of a snail’s daily life drifted from my thoughts as agendas and lesson plans took their place.

A Question for You to Ponder

How do you express compassion toward yourself?
How do you express it toward others?

Share your answer in the comments below.

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