Life on Earth


The theme for this episode is Life on Earth.

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My Haiku & Reflections

Breath in and breath out
Oxygen and CO2
Currency of life

In each breath I take, I pull in the air from around me. In it, among other things, my body consumes the much needed element oxygen. This vital compound keeps my body functioning from the moment of first breath at birth to the last breath at death.

As I exhale my body secretes waste in the form of carbon dioxide. This becomes diffused in my local environment where carbon dioxide consuming organisms consume it and then produce a waste of their own: oxygen.

This exchange has been going on for billions of years on Earth. And most living life forms today participate in this exchange of currency. We trade oxygen for carbon dioxide and vice versa. On a mass scale every human, every minute, is participating in this grand stock exchange with plant life and other oxygen producing organisms.

It is this exchange that illustrates our fundamental connection to nature and all life on Earth. Without it, we and our entire civilization would not be here. All of this in a simple breath in and breath out.

This is the lesson I take from this haiku. As always, you can share your thoughts or haiku inspired by this episode, by sending an email to thehaikupond (at) gmail (dot) com.

Featured Haiku & Poets

From David Thorndale on IG as davidthorndale:
quiet temple rain —
contemplating a haiku
along side a snail

From Mona Bedi:
summer sun
a puppy shrinks
into the shade of a leaf

From Lisbeth Ho on Facebook as Elisabeth Holidaya:
yellow lantanas
veiled in golden dawn
white butterfly

From huwanahoy on IG & TW as huwanahoy:
What is life on earth
When there’s nothing to live for
Give love and keep joy

From Haiku Nocturnal on Twitter as HaikuNocturnal:
Croaking frogs sing loud,
Nature’s symphonic party
Starts every evening

From Linda Hawkins on TW as lindamayhawkins:
Dew glistens on grass
Sun whispers through the tall trees
Never ending hope

From Tristan Woodington aquaholic_anon on Twitter:
Glasses in the rain
Tears running down window pain
The blink of an eye

From Charissa Hooyman on TW as CharissaHooyman:
People down below
Views across the land and sea
Seen from mountain tops

From Christina Chin at
last leaf spins
off the silver poplar
winter chill

From Mark Hitri on TW as HitriMark & on IG as the_cellopoet:
our grand delusion
is having more than enough
but not thinking so

From Linda M. Crate on Twitter as thysilverdoe & on IG as authorlindamcrate:
in life and rebirth
in chaos and destruction
dreams and flowers grow

From Foal Poetry on IG as foalpoetry:
Big blue ball spinning ’round
Floating in the depths of space
Holding everything

From Melody Wang on TW & IG as MelodyOfMusings:
A lone rapeseed blooms
in a place fire once coursed though—
I, in turn, transcend

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