The theme for this episode is connections.

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My Haiku & Reflections

A tiny virus
Follows human connections
Global pandemic

If the covid-19 pandemic is to teach us anything it shows us just how interconnected we all are and how seemingly small things can have a very big impact.

In fact, this idea of small things having a big impact is not limited to viruses. I’ve seen this idea expressed in books such as Atomic Habits and Nudge. If a tiny virus like covid-19 can have such an impact on humanity, think of what you or I could do with small changes to our own life? How would these tiny changes affect our lives and those around us?

In Ancient Greece it was Aristotle who said, “You are what you habitually do.” Speaking for myself, over the years I have put in a tremendous effort to focus on daily habits. This was only reinforced after I read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

As an example, over the past few months I’ve been taking daily walks and I’ve been practicing a short 10-minute yoga stretch routine first thing in the morning.

Both of these practices have helped increase my core strength. The side effect of this is that I can now sit straighter both when I meditate and when I sit at my desk and work on the computer — like I’m doing now.

The main benefit I’ve experienced is that my back and neck no longer get sore, stiff, or strained as much. This was a chronic issue I dealt with as an online teacher for the past three years. Yet, after adopting those two — seemingly small — practices it has had a big impact on my overall health, mood, and stamina when it comes to work and life.

That’s just one example and — of course — it’s specific to my life circumstances. I recognize that I’m in a privileged position where I can take a daily walk and I’m physically well enough that I can practice yoga — or as I like to think of it, moving planks.

However, I do truly believe that anyone — regardless of circumstances — can improve not only their outlook on life, but also their outcome when facing adversity.

If you don’t believe me, then I suggest you read one (or both) of the following books: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl or If This is a Man and The Truce by Primo Levi.

Both of these books are written by survivors of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany during World War II. I’m sure there are other accounts from that event, as well as subsequent events like them, but those are the two that pop into my mind. Regardless, I think there’s value in learning from and honoring experiences that are different from our own.

So this is the lesson I take from this haiku: small things can have a big impact. As we move further away from the beginning of this covid-19 pandemic, I carry it with me and think about what are the small things I can do every day in my life to make a big impact on the life of Future-Anthony and those that surround him.

As you move forward, what’s something small you can do everyday that will have a big impact on your future self and those around you? Feel free to share your ideas by sending an email to thehaikupond (at) gmail (dot) com.

Featured Haiku & Poets

From David Thorndale on IG as davidthorndale:
forgotten iPod —
the rest of my afternoon
listening to waves

From Mona Bedi:
maternal instinct
the surrogate refuses
to give up the baby

From Lisbeth Ho on Facebook as Elisabeth Holidaya:
the scent of perfume
in my pashmina shawl
mom’s last smile

From huwanahoy on IG & TW as huwanahoy:
Sometimes we find friends
In unexpected moments
Take chance in friendship.

From Kati Mohr on IG as pi.and.anne:
summer’s end
the elderly couple hand in hand
the look in their eyes

From Haiku Nocturnal on Twitter as HaikuNocturnal:
Collage of loved ones;
Each of their small influence
Makes me who I am

From Charissa Hooyman on TW as CharissaHooyman:
Morning to evening
Shadows can be long or short
Providing coolness

From Ryan Gibbs on Twitter as RyanGibbsWriter (with 2 B’s):
soft tentacles leave
eerie prints on my window
an alien kiss

From Mark Hitri on TW as HitriMark & on IG as the_cellopoet:
we seek connection
yet everything divides us
time to make new bonds

From Linda M. Crate on Twitter as thysilverdoe & on IG as authorlindamcrate:
distance cannot part
friendships so long and lasting
time admits defeat.

From Foal Poetry on IG as foalpoetry:
The entirety
of history has led up
to you meeting me

From Melody Wang on TW & IG as MelodyOfMusings:
Vast unknown above,
hidden roots below — you are
perfectly in flux

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