Reflections on 2020

The year 2020 has been a challenging year for us. While organizing my next vlog to be sent to my mailing list, I found some poems I wrote at the end of 2019. I wrote these poems reflecting on the past decade and looking forward to the year and decade to come.

Well, the year 2020 has come and gone and it brought a lot more than any of us expected. It’s challenged us to grow in ways we never thought possible. As we begin to transition to the year 2021, I am hopeful for the future but very grateful for the things I have in the present.

This year has taught me a lot, but most importantly it has taught me to value the present moment because it will never come again. I look forward to what the future brings but mindful to appreciate this moment now.

Below you can watch my latest vlog episode and read the poems featured in the video.

This Decade

The year is coming to a close
And I think of the decisions I chose
There has been joy, stress, and love
And reminders to keep looking above

I am not filled with regret but with deep feelings of gratitude
I worked hard to take action to improve my life
Taking careful steps to be aware of my mood and attitude
It’s amazing how the little things can lessen one’s strife

I reached out to make new connections
Putting in time and effort to gain new affections
Learning new skills and gaining new experiences
Attempting to build more bridges than fences

The new year and new decade are approaching
And they offer many new chances for growing
I hold with me the wisdom learned in this decade
And with past lessons, a better future is made

This Moment

The future is forever in a state of flux
Always changing from this present moment
And, thus, here is life’s crux

We can only change what the future will be
When we accept all that we see in the here and now
Because this is all that reality will allow

You can create a vision for your future
You can create a plan to make it real
You can take steps to execute the plan
You can make into a big reveal

But if you focus too much on the future’s fruition
You begin to lose sight of this moment’s mission

Work hard toward what you want to create
But in the present, don’t be prostrate
Just like the water you capture in your hand
This moment is always fleeting and in high demand
This moment is like the water along the beach in the sand
It’s neither here nor there
Of this, few are hardly aware

So take this time to honor
Acknowledge all there is to see and feel
It won’t be long before it’s a goner

To assume the future we want
Will be there waiting
Is more than just a vaunt
It’s us doing the baiting

Dream of the future, you can
And create it by executing your plan
But always take the time to express
Share your feelings of gratitude and bless
Because this moment is forever fleeting
And always retreating

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