Voice Talent Services

Feb 6, 2022: Currently, I am not accepting voice gigs at this time. Please check back for updates.

As a writer, improv actor, and podcaster I know what it takes to bring words to life. You have to put yourself in the character’s shoes, embrace who they are as an individual, and let their voice shine through yours. Let my voice be the conduit for your character to shine.

I can provide narration and production for large and small projects such as audiobooks, IVR, podcasts, e-learning, and more. My services are currently available on the following platforms:

Scroll down to learn more about my services for audiobooks and voice over, and listen to some voice samples. Let’s work together to make your business better and your job easier.

Audibook Narration & Production

I can narrate your audiobook with precision and emotion to create an immersive and captivating experience for your listener. I’m capable of varying the tone, speed, and sound of my voice to match your written word and any characters within your book.

I have three packages to choose from: Basic, Standard, Premium. Each with varying degrees of cost, options, and extras. Choose which package best fits your budget, needs, and desires. 

$50 per finished hour$150 per finished hour$350 per finished hour
Narration & character voices sent to you in a raw/unedited HQ fileNarration & character voices sent to you in a publication ready HQ fileNarration, character voices, and music/SFX for your audiobook sent in a publication ready HQ file
Review this Google doc to learn how to estimate the total cost of your project.

For projects under 10 hours of finished audio, I can deliver within 30 days. Audio projects over 10 hours, including any music and sound effects, will take 30+ days for delivery depending on length and desired extras (e.g. background music, sound effects). 

Voice Over

Are you working on a media project that requires voice talent? Consider hiring me for your project. I can provide a professional natural American male voice over for narration, IVR, podcasts, e-learning, and more!

You provide the script, I provide the voice and audio file. Message me on Fiverr to get started today!

If you like, I can also provide an audio sample for your script before we start.

Demo Reel & Narration Samples

Demo Reel

Voice demo featuring audiobook narration (nonfiction & fiction) and a medical advertisement.

Audiobook Narration: Science Fiction

Audiobook narration sample for Science Fiction.

Audiobook Narration: Children’s Book

Audiobook narration sample for a Children’s Book.

More Voice Samples

You can find more voice samples on the following YouTube Playlist: Voice Over & Narration Samples. For more samples, follow my Instagram: voxboxbyfifi.

Need something more?

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