Nanfito Space Newsletter

I’m a creative soul who expresses himself through science fiction stories, haiku, and podcasts. I post this content to my various online platforms, but that can be time-consuming for followers and supporters to keep track of. To simplify the process, each month I send out a newsletter with a summary of what’s happening in NanfitoContinue reading “Nanfito Space Newsletter”

My Podcasts Now Have Social Accounts

Today I spent part of the morning and part of the afternoon creating social media accounts for both my podcasts. Click ‘Follow’ for the latest episodes and updates. Blinded by Science Twitter: @BBSPod Instagram: @blindedbysciencepodcast Website: The Haiku Pond Twitter: @TheHaikuPond Instagram: @haikubyfifi And, of course, you can always stay connected with me andContinue reading “My Podcasts Now Have Social Accounts”

Introducing: The Haiku Pond

The trailer for my new podcast just launched! Check it out: I’ve enjoyed writing haiku for a long time, but the challenges of 2020 made me truly appreciate this form of short poetry. It helped me stay mindful in a fast-paced and chaotic world, appreciate the simple things, and practice compassion. I want to share thisContinue reading “Introducing: The Haiku Pond”

My NEW Fiverr Gig: Voice Over

Hey folks! Since the launching my podcast, I have expanded my skillset to include voice over work. If you or someone you know is searching for a male American voice over artist, check out my Fiverr gig. Below you’ll find a sample video, description, and link to the gig. Thanks for stopping by. FIVERR LINK:Continue reading “My NEW Fiverr Gig: Voice Over”

New Ways to Connect

Recently, I’ve made some changes to my social media platforms and the content that will be posted there. Here’s a summary of where you can find me and what you’ll find there. Twitter I regularly tweet about writing, science, and other random thoughts. If you find those things groovy and worth your time, follow @wordsbyfifiContinue reading “New Ways to Connect”