The Haiku Pond returns December 6, 2021

Featured Poets & Themes Stay Connected Hello Listener, I am very excited to announce the return of The Haiku Pond. The second season will include 10 episodes released weekly on Monday starting December 6, 2021. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts. Learn more at Featured Poets & Themes This season we’ll beContinue reading “The Haiku Pond returns December 6, 2021”

Season 2 Themes for The Haiku Pond

Hello listeners, poets, friends, and Ponders! Welcome back to another season of The Haiku Pond! I’m delighted to be back to share the themes for Season 2 with you. If you’re new to the show, my name is Anthony and I’m the caretaker of the pond. Each season I share haiku written by myself andContinue reading “Season 2 Themes for The Haiku Pond”