How to be a Research-Based Author

This week I learned … How to be a better researcher when it comes to writing. As a writer, I consume a lot of media in the form of books, podcasts, and videos. Alongside traveling to new places, this information helps fill my creative ‘well’ and provides inspiration for the stories I create.  However, itContinue reading “How to be a Research-Based Author”

It’s Writer’s Brew. NOT Writer’s Block.

This week I learned … This week’s TWIL post is themed for writers and other creatives. I’m a writer (mostly) so I’ll use that term throughout, but feel free to replace it with whatever type of creative you are (e.g. painter, singer, actor, sculptor, YouTuber, podcaster, etc.). Of course, I think some of these couldContinue reading “It’s Writer’s Brew. NOT Writer’s Block.”