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Anthony Nanfito

Sci-Fi Writer | Haiku Poet | Podcaster

I was born, raised, and educated in California, but I currently live in Southeast Asia where I teach English as a second language. Before leaving the States, I taught high school mathematics for five years at Armijo High School in Fairfield, CA and I graduated with a degree in mathematics from California State University, Chico.

In April 2020, I published my debut novel: 2149: Emergence. A major step to pursuing my dream of becoming a full-time writer. I have plenty more stories to write and I hope you’ll be along for the journey. You can learn about all of my current publications and works in progress here.

When I’m not writing or teaching, I enjoy traveling, reading books, listening to podcasts, and exercising to stay healthy and fit. I meditate and journal regularly with the goal of improving myself, my relationship with others, and my business.


I love telling stories, exploring science, and reading poetry. Hence, I created podcasts to share those passions with the world. Listen and subscribe to Blinded by Science, and The Haiku Pond wherever you get your podcasts.

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