Flashing Your Colors in a Sea of Darkness

3.06: A Grateful Goodbye The Haiku Pond


Greetings and welcome to The Haiku Pond. A place to ponder life through haiku. My name is Anthony Nanfito and I’m the caretaker of the Pond. 

Each season I share haiku written by myself and others. Each episode features haiku centered around a pre-chosen theme. You can learn more at http://thehaikupond.com

If you’re ready, let’s prepare for our visit. Take a deep breath and dive in.


The theme for this visit is fire and will feature haiku written by myself and others.

A Haiku & Reflection from Me 

chorus of crickets

fireflies and stars

a cool summer night

I wrote this haiku a few years ago while camping near Chiang Dao, Thailand. This particular occasion marked the first time I witnessed fireflies in person. To say they’re magical doesn’t quite do them justice. But indeed they are quite magical in appearance and presence. They float through the darkness of the night, flashing their neon green light at random intervals — creating a dazzling spectacle.

As I watched them I succumbed to the irresistible trance of these drifting fireflies and everything seemed to slow down. I got lost in the hundreds of bobbing neon green flashes that were set against the backdrop of a silhouetted mountain and the starry night sky. 

As I watched this scene play out in front of me, I realized the importance of letting go and letting the whims of the universe take me where they may. We can direct ourselves where we want to go but more often it’s better, and easier, to go with the flow. Living in each moment, taking it in as it is, and doing our best to flash our colors in a sea of darkness.

This is the lesson I learned from fireflies. This is the lesson I learned from this haiku. What light do you use to guide yourself through the darkness? 

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment on the blog or YouTube video, or send an email to thehaikupond at gmail dot com. Hearing your thoughts makes this more of a conversation and I look forward to hearing what lessons you’ve learned.

Listener Submitted Haiku

Now, let’s hear from our listeners. Each haiku will be repeated twice so you can fully immerse yourself within it. If you’d like to submit a haiku for a future episode, please visit thehaikupond.com for details. Alright, let’s begin. 

From Robert Kingston:

his singed hair

in the open fire

hot potatoes

From Stephan:

Address to the Gods of Fire:

Combustion, my lords

Speak, please, I’ll do what you ask

We will burn the world

From C.X.Turner:

crackling fire

all the memories I have

and will never have

From Susan Andrews:

the raging whirling dance

of heat and drought


From Jerome Berglund:

roman god

meets the hare

ground test fireball

From Tracy Davidson:

toasting his feet

on the open fire…

torture chamber

From petro c. k.:



in a row of eyes

From Katherine E Winnick:

sandlewood burning

fleetingly the flame flickers

– a slight breeze

From Chithaloori Sathyanaaraayana:

fire place –

memories one by one

into ashes

From Mark Scott:

summer bonfire

sharing stories of our first

that have long since past

From Herb Tate:

exhausted candle

another year of being

one again

From Kimberly Kuchar:

dog sniffing the air

flames licking

at the steaks

From Kerry J Heckman:

history buffs around the fire

a different kind of

war stories

From Kan Yamamoto:

on a starless night

a firefly larva glows

among autumn dew

From B. L. Bruce:

fire-scarred trees

the forest still standing

a lesson on resilience

From 薫音 (Kaon):

flickering flames

time flies


From Ali Znaidi:

silent lips…

simply the crackling

fire of her lipstick

Special thanks to all the poets who submitted their haiku for this episode. It’s an honor and a pleasure to read them. If you’re listening and you’d like to connect with these poets, visit the show notes linked in the description of this episode for links to their websites or social accounts.

Switching to a Monthly Format & The Theme for the Next Visit

Before I get to the next them a quick announcement. 

The impromptu break I took these past few weeks not only gave me time to rest and recover, but it also gave me time to reflect. I really would love to produce episodes every two weeks, but the reality is I just don’t have the time right now. So I’ll be switching to a monthly format. 

Looking ahead, I’ve decided to skip the month of December since I’ll be doing some traveling for the holidays so we’ll have one more episode in November before the end of 2022 and then return in January of 2023 with an episode each month. 

The theme for our next visit, in November, will be ‘earth’ and your haiku needs to be submitted by 11:59pm Bangkok Time (GMT +7) on Friday November 18, 2022.

Thanks so much for your support, patience, understanding, and kind messages over the past few weeks. I hope you too take some time at the end of the year to reflect and rejuvenate before we ring the new year.

Speaking of gratitude, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Kimberly Kuchar, C.X. Turner, and Susan Andrews for your financial contributions on my Buy Me a Coffee page. I’m humbled and honored. Your contributions help keep the lights on and the mic recording.

If you’d like to make a contribution to help support the podcast and receive a special shout out in a future episode, visit buymeacoffee.com/wordsbyfifi.

That’s all for this episode. See you next month. Wherever you are in the world, take care of yourself and, if you can, someone else. 

Thanks for listening. See ya next time! 

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