Spirits of Ancient Stardust


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The theme for this visit is spirits and will feature haiku written by myself and others.

A Haiku & Reflection from Me 

echoes of the past

coursing through our hearts and veins

ancestral spirits

Everything you see around you is made of stardust. All of the elements that make up both the living and nonliving things of the world, indeed the universe, were forged long ago at the center of stars around 13.8 billions years ago. Upon the completion of their life cycle these first stars went supernova and spread their forged elements across space and the cycle began anew — forming new stars and strange worlds with this stardust. 

In a particular region of the Milky Way Galaxy, about 4.5 billions years ago, this dust was reconstituted into a new star with some rocky worlds and some giant gas worlds orbiting around it. 

And upon the third rock orbiting this particular star it just happened that the structure of the molecules and the interplay of chemistry was such that life (as we know and understand it) formed from this ancient stardust. 

After countless iterations and cataclysms, life morphed into its current form — the form of us humans and all other living things we see in this world of wonder. I, like you, am the descendant of countless generations of previous humans and lifeforms that fought against threats large and small. Survived famine, disease, and war. Constructed large cities and invented new technological gadgets and machines. 

All of this from ancient stardust that exploded from stars billions of years ago. 

Ancient stardust that courses through my heart and veins as I type and read this. 

Ancient stardust that courses through your heart and veins as you listen to this. 

Ancient stardust that is contained in everything you see and touch. 

In this sense, you and I, and everything, are very ancient and contained within us are the spirits of all that came before us. 

echoes of the past

coursing through our hearts and veins

ancestral spirits

Listener Submitted Haiku

Now, let’s hear from our listeners. Each haiku will be repeated twice so you can fully immerse yourself within it. If you’d like to submit a haiku for a future episode, please visit thehaikupond.com for details. Alright, let’s begin. 

From Uchechukwu Onyedikam:

Christmas carol

humming happily


From Jerome Berglund:

possession by spirits

will take one on flights depth-finding

splendid places too 

From Mark Hitri:

Mystery within

All the light I cannot see

How can I believe

From Charissa Hooyman:


Lush green of the forest

Spirits connected

From Mitja Lovše:

When I’m in your room,

I can still sense your breathing –

that’s impossible.

From Damian Carlton:

The spirits of the dead

Return to the living world

To haunt not but teach

From Linda Sacco:

Third eye wandering,

treading bohemian paths.

Spirit inspiring.

From Katherine E Winnick:

translucent being

blythe tones of white

drifting past

From Nitu Yumnam:

weekend night

lifting our flagging spirits

wine glasses

From James Gaskin:

salt circles

the names we say aloud

in the dark

From Ryan Gibbs:

white dandelions

releasing seeds into mist

shrouded spirits rise

From Chittaluri Satyanarayana:

a moment

a cloud spirits away

the moon

From Rudolf Slöh:

black river boils as

vapours spring to banish ghosts –

breathe in the spirits

From Zahra Mughis:

broken frame

she looks

for Casper

From Tracy Davidson:

the ouija board

my mother smashes

death has not improved her mood

From Sara Hailstone:

Stencil overlay,

Your blanket ether imprint,

When I needed you.

From Linda M. Crate:

a soft eerie glow

soft whisper, kindest embrace;

petals of solace.

From Dana Clark-Millar:

walking with my ghosts

on the day of the dead

the crunch of acorns

From Mona Bedi:

ancestral home

grandpa and his spirit

greet us

From Haiku Fiction DJU:

new year’s eve

in the abandoned furniture store

the spirits whisper

Special thanks to all the poets who submitted their haiku for this episode. It’s an honor and a pleasure to read them. If you’re listening and you’d like to connect with these poets, visit the show notes linked in the description of this episode for links to their websites or social accounts.

Theme for Next Time

The theme for our next visit will be ‘water’ and your haiku need to be submitted by 11:59pm Bangkok Time (GMT +7) on Friday August 12, 2022. You may submit one haiku for this theme. It can be published or unpublished — as long as you retain the rights to share it. 

To submit your haiku, follow the link in the description or visit thehaikupond.com and click the red ‘Submit’ button at the top of the page. If you have any trouble, please send an email to thehaikupond [at] gmail (dot) com.

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Thanks for listening. See ya next time! 

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