Book Promo for National Poetry Month

UPDATE: Haiku Ponderings is now available in paperback in 10 countries via Amazon print-on-demand. See this blog post for more details.
(NOTE: Book promo price only applies to ebook links below.)

In celebration of (U.S.) National Poetry month my haiku collection, Haiku Ponderings, is discounted for a promotion price of $0.99 from Fri April 1, 2022 to Sat April 30, 2022 on the following retailers:

Elephant statue in a garden waving hi to you

Haiku Ponderings: A Haiku Collection for Pondering Life

This collection contains over 100 haiku and 5 mini essays focused on Mindfulness, Gratitude, Compassion, Love & Loss, and Give & Forgive. If you’ve been listening to The Haiku Pond podcast, then these probably sound familiar to you. I used the same themes in the podcast and the ebook.

Follow the link to get your copy today!

The Haiku Pond

If you’re interested in hearing more haiku, check out my podcast The Haiku Pond featuring haiku written by myself and others. You can find episodes for Season 1 and 2 on the archive page or wherever you get your podcasts:

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