The theme for this episode is Seasons.

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My Haiku & Reflections

Seasons of life pass
Transitions get easier —
When lessons are learned

When most people think of seasons, I’m guessing their mind goes first to the seasons of the weather. But I also think about the seasons of life. A season for each stage of life; adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, and elder adulthood.

The transition between these stages is slow and gradual over time. Similar to the seasons of the weather. From Winter to Spring, the temperature gradually warms over time and before you know it Summer is here.

A child is born and gradually grows over time, developing both physically and mentally as the years go by, and before you know it that child is now an adult.

Some might say these seasons of life don’t repeat themselves, like the seasons of the weather, however I think they do. As humans it’s quite easy for us to step back into an earlier stage or sometimes step forward into a future stage.

Imagine a parent who learns their own child is to be a parent. The grandparent can vicariously live out the stages of infancy, early childhood, and adolescence through their grandchild.

Of course, you don’t have to be a parent or grandparent to re-experience these early stages of life. They can be activated by engaging in play, fun, and learning — the same activities we so easily engaged in as children, but struggle with as adults.

Or there’s the alternative. We’ve all faced the circumstances of life where we must act older than we are, be more responsible than expected of ourselves.

And through all this, what amazes me the most, is the flexibility and adaptability we humans have in navigating through, in, and around these seasons of life. By no means is that flexibility and adaptability always easy, but people do it. Every. Single. Day. It’s quite fantastic.

As we navigate through these seasons we pick up lessons. When that first cold day of winter begins, we remember to grab a coat the next. Or when that first light of summer stings the skin, we remember to wear a hat and grab our sunglasses.

As we navigate the seasons of life, we pick up lessons too. We learn to better cope with the unpredictable circumstances of life. And this is the lesson I take from this haiku. What are the lessons you’ve learned as you’ve navigated the seasons of life?

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Featured Haiku & Poets

From Melody Wang on TW & IG as MelodyOfMusings:
slight wind shakes the oak,
insistent invitation
nearly forgotten

From Foal Poetry on IG as foalpoetry:
Leaves change, weather cools
Mind stuck in the summertime
Pandemic time warp

From Linda M. Crate on Twitter as thysilverdoe & on IG as authorlindamcrate:
as a flower dies
white diamonds falling heavy
winter is cruel.

From Mark Hitri on TW as HitriMark & on IG as the_cellopoet:
autumn leaf falling
catches one last ray of sun
earth, tree, sky are one

From Michele Wong on TW as meaning_filled:
winter air is a
book of winds; breathe, take in each
snowfall hum of earth

From Charlotte Reynolds on twitter as violetvicinity:
summer rain
the wedding party crashed
by snails

From Christina Chin at
how delightful
the perky pansies nod in
spring wind

From Ryan Gibbs on Twitter as RyanGibbsWriter:
warmed by maiden love
the forbidding ice troll melts
back into a prince

From Charissa Hooyman on TW as CharissaHooyman:
Summer equinox
The days are growing shorter
With each passing day

From Haiku Nocturnal on Twitter as HaikuNocturnal:
Leaves drooping, dying;
Last of the energy used
To flower the bud

From Mallory Rowe on IG as malloryroweauthor:
Autumn wind escorts
A funeral procession
Of dead leaves past me

From Kati Mohr on IG as pi.and.anne:
on the path
as we stand still
a purple mushroom

From Lisbeth Ho on Facebook as Elisabeth Holidaya:
smell of cinnamon
from grandma’s kitchen
autumn’s delight

From Mona Bedi:
autumn night
more stars than leaves
forest walk

From Zahra Mughis on TW as ZahraScribbles & IG as instalogbyzahra:
playing with the wind
her curly red hair
another leaf flies by

From David Thorndale on IG as davidthorndale:
a perfect birthday —
the flavor of autumn wind
in a slice of cake

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