Season 2 Themes for The Haiku Pond

Hello listeners, poets, friends, and Ponders!

Welcome back to another season of The Haiku Pond! I’m delighted to be back to share the themes for Season 2 with you.

If you’re new to the show, my name is Anthony and I’m the caretaker of the pond. Each season I share haiku written by myself and others. Each episode features haiku centered around a pre-chosen theme. To learn more about the show visit

Before I get to the themes for Season 2, I want to say thank you to all the listeners who shared their feedback about Season 1 and for sharing themes ideas for Season 2. It’s greatly appreciated. Your feedback let’s me know what you’re enjoying about the show and how to improve it as time goes on. Thanks for trusting with your haiku and thanks for listening.

Speaking of submissions from listeners, in addition to asking for feedback about Season 1, I also collected ideas for themes for Season 2. I’ve collected those ideas from listeners, combined them with a list of my own ideas, and after letting them percolate around my head, I’ve settled on the following themes for Season 2:

Haiku can be submitted here.

You can interpret these themes literally or metaphorically. For example, “Seasons” could be interpreted as the seasons of the weather as often expressed in traditional haiku or more metaphorically as the seasons of life or change. Or, perhaps, you have your own interpretation. Regardless, I’m eager to hear your haiku.

Poets can submit their haiku via a Google Form. You can find a link to the form in the description of this episode as well as on my website at

Poets can submit up to three haiku per theme and one will be selected for the podcast episode. Unless desired by the poet, it’s not necessary to include the word of the theme, simply let the theme be your inspiration. You can choose to submit haiku for all ten themes or only a subset.

Submitted haiku poems can be previously published as long as you hold the rights to share them. And, of course, you can submit unpublished haiku.

Poets can submit their haiku anonymously or with their name and social media handle.

The submission period will be open from now until Monday September 6, 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to thehaikupond(at)gmail(dot)com.

For podcast updates, join the mailing list at or follow the podcast on Twitter @TheHaikuPond. Thanks for listening and happy writing!

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