THP BONUS Episode: A poem dedicated to Astronaut Michael Collins

In honor of Astronaut Michael Collins’ passing this week, I’m reposting this poem, Cosmic Duet, and dedicating it to him. I originally posted the poem on July 24, 2019 on my personal instagram account (formerly thehangryfifi, now haikubyfifi). At the time, I was delighted, humbled, and honored that he viewed and liked the video from his account.

Like all the other astronauts of the world, Michael Collins was inspiration to me. His insights about the fragility of our blue and white marble world seem more important now than ever. Us “land dwellers” interact with the world every day and we become accustomed to the solid land, eventually, equating it to strength.

Yet, since Michael Collins and his fellow Apollo Astronauts visited the moon in July of 1969, we have learned much more about our planet and just how vulnerable and fragile it truly is.

May his memory be a reminder and an inspiration that we all need to do our part—big or small—to protect this fragile, blue and white marble that floats in hazardous vacuum of space.

If you can, try to eat a less meat, use less plastic, drive less and walk more, and be kind to all the inhabitants (big, small, and everything in between) of this planet, because there is no Planet B.

Miraculously, we were given this planet (and only this planet) and we need to take care of it, just as it has taken care of us. We’re in a duet with it and so far we haven’t been doing a good job of dancing together.

Cosmic Duet by Anthony Nanfito
Dedicated to: Astronaut Mike Collins

The day is over as yet,
For the sun has begun to set.

Now is the time for the stars to shine.
Each photon journeys through space and time,
Traveling great distances to these eyes of mine.

The light fades and the darkness surrounds,
As the view of the universe increasingly abounds.

This eternal movement from this cosmic duet
Creates a masterpiece within the ultraviolet.

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