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ICYMI: I am now on Buy Me A Coffee. In fact, my first public post is live and I’ve already created over dozen members-only posts—including ad-free episodes of Blinded by Science.

Creators like me work hard to create content you love, but in order to continue creating content we need support from followers like you! This includes writing stories and haiku, producing podcasts, and more. All of this takes time, energy, effort, and—in some costs—monetary costs.

If you’ve ever enjoyed any of my creations, you can show your support at

My goal is to write more and write often. To accomplish that, I plan to publish a scene from a short story each week as a public post. Anyone who’s interested in having the story continue can show their support by buying me a coffee and I’ll name them as a sponsor for the next part of the story.

Once the story is completed and comes to an end, I’ll compile it into an ebook file for the ‘Writing BFF’ and ‘All-Access Pass’ levels of my membership. (See below for a description of the levels of membership.)

Supporters who join my membership get special rewards like supporting me on monthly basis, ebook files of short stories, audio versions of the short stories (read by me), ad-free podcast episodes, and more. Choose the membership option that works best for you and join today!

Membership Levels

Writing BFF

  • ebook files of supporter/members sponsored short stories
  • Audio versions of short stories
  • Previews of upcoming releases

Producer for Blinded by Science

  • Ad-free episodes of the Blinded by Science podcast
  • Listen to episodes before public-release date
  • Shout out on a podcast episode when you join
  • YOUR NAME listed as “Producer” in the show notes

VIP at The Haiku Pond

  • Ad-free episodes of The Haiku Pond podcast
  • Binge listen to the entire seasons BEFORE it’s publicly released
  • Shout out on a podcast episode when you join
  • YOUR NAME listed as “Producer” in the show notes

All-Access Pass

  • Access to the rewards of all my membership levels: Writing BFF, Producer for Blinded by Science, and VIP at The Haiku Pond

Sign-up today at

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A creative soul expressing himself thru sci-fi stories, haiku, & podcasts. Podcast 🎙 host of Blinded by Science & The Haiku Pond. Visit my website to explore my creations:

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