How to Leave a Review on Amazon (with Video)

When someone does a good job on something, it’s great to let them know. In the age of the Internet, some of the best ways to do that are to give them a shout out on social media or leave a review. In my case, as an author, I love hearing readers’ thoughts about my book. Especially when they share on social media and tag me in it.

But the best way to help author (or anyone who sells a product/service) is to leave them a review. You can often leave a review wherever you purchased the product (e.g. Amazon) or sometimes on the creator’s website. This is important because it helps other readers (i.e. buyers) learn about the book (i.e. product) and those reviews are used in algorithms to help boost books/products that are selling well.

To help make the process of leaving a review easier for you, I’ve put together a four step guide and a tutorial video.

How to Leave a Review on Amazon
  • Step One: Go to
  • Step Two: Use the search bar that the top to search for the book/product. (e.g. 2149: Emergence by Anthony Nanfito)
  • Step Three: Once you find the book you’re looking for, go to the book’s product page. 
  • Step Four: Scroll to the bottom (Not there yet? Keep scrolling! On Amazon, it’s WAY down there at the bottom) and leave your review.

There are TWO main reasons why you should leave a review:

  1. It tells other readers what to expect and helps them make their choice about a book.
  2. It helps (new & experienced) authors build their careers. Reviews are viewed by potential readers and used in algorithms for search. 

In terms of leaving reviews, here’s a simple rule to follow: If you enjoyed reading a book, leave a review and tell the world! 

Happy reading!

Did you find this guide and video helpful? Share in the comments.

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